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We Can Help Prevent Long Term Flood Damage To Your Home In Fort Myers

5/29/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage We Can Help Prevent Long Term Flood Damage To Your Home In Fort Myers Our emergency dispatchers are available 24/7 for when you most need them.

SERVPRO Can Help Prevent Long Term Flood Damage In Your Fort Myers Home!

As hurricane season draws near in Fort Myers, flooding can become a great concern to homeowners. Sadly, people can sometimes return to a flooded home after evacuating away from the strong winds and rain brought on by a hurricane. We offer professional solutions to flooding and can do our best to prevent further damage to your home.

Water washed into houses in Fort Myers can easily cause flood damage to the floors and walls. SERVPRO technicians can quickly get to work to fight against damage to your home's structural components. Flood water is removed with the assistance of truck mounted pumps or industrial grade wet vacs, and we can use moisture meters to inspect your floors and walls for excess moisture. If left unaddressed, abnormally high moisture levels can warp wood and facilitate mold growth. To avoid this, our techs can work fast to draw moisture from your floorboards with the help of air movers and can completely remove all excess moisture with the assistance of dehumidifiers.

Unfortunately, flood waters often do not stop at your floorboards. Walls can wick water up into themselves and permanently damage insulation. Non-fiberglass insulation stored in your walls can have its R-value (fire resistance) reduced, opening your home up to dangerous problems down the road. To avoid future problems, our technicians can drill holes in your walls to help facilitate the drying of your wall cavities and insulation. Additionally, we can make a flood cut to discard sections of your walls that may be over-saturated with water.

Once your house has had the flood water removed, we can go on a final walk-through and can apply antimicrobial sprays to limit any unwanted health effects.

If your house has been the victim of flooding, then call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910. Our emergency dispatchers are available 24/7 for when you most need them.

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How Water Damages Tile in Punta Gorda

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Water Damages Tile in Punta Gorda Loosened tiles indicate water damage. Call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda to eliminate the water source and restore your home.

Drying Out Water-Damaged Terrazzo Tile in Punta Gorda Homes

Many single-story ranchero homes throughout the Punta Gorda area feature intricate and skilled tilework. Not only does this provide an homage to the classic Spanish style in the construction of the home, but it also gives a unique aesthetic appeal that water loss disasters can quickly threaten. With so many smaller tiles making up floor and wall mosaics in actual terrazzo work, the number of joints and grouted areas in the material is also high. 

With the higher volume of grout points between individual tiles, water damage in Punta Gorda can quickly become a destructive factor for your home. Our SERVPRO professionals have a comprehensive approach to restoring these damaged areas of your property, and this starts with a prompt response to the emergency. The faster that our skilled professionals can reach your damaged residence, the less penetration that standing water and moisture have into surfaces like tile flooring and structural elements. 

Among the first steps that our team must begin when we arrive at a water- loss incident is to assess the severity of the situation. Our professionals have sophisticated moisture readers and detection equipment to determine the full scope of moisture and saturation for flooring materials and other affected areas of the property. This information can help to identify the best points to set up drying machines for this phase of recovery. 

For as water resistant as the tile itself might be whether porcelain, glass, or a polymer material, the grout for the joints is less impermeable. With enough time exposed to standing water or excessive moisture, grout can break down, and its seal against the tile can weaken and erode. With this degradation, water can pass through the grouted area into the subflooring and support materials to begin to adversely affect these areas and potentially allow for damaging effects like mold growth. 

Drying out these materials before too much damage occurs is a delicate and deliberate process that starts as soon as our SERVPRO professionals arrive at your home. We utilize many pieces of equipment, including our air movers, dehumidifiers, and even our Injecti-Dry System to provide a slow and constant draw off of excess moisture from the affected materials. 

Our SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda team knows what it means to make water damage “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (941) 575-5910. 

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We Can Restore Your Fort Myers Home After A Fire

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage We Can Restore Your Fort Myers Home After A Fire For expert assistance in dealing with soots and their odor, contact SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910.

Cleaning Soots And Clearing Odor From Fire Damage In Fort Myers

Every fire is different. The types of material that burn during a fire, and at what temperature, has a substantial impact on our cleaning approach. House-fires can start from anywhere, but usually, it is the result of a kitchen mishap or loose electrical wiring. Billowing smoke can deposit residues throughout the house in the form of soots and are challenging to clean by yourself. We operate a professional service to help get your home like it was before the fire.

Typical service for fire damage in Fort Myers that we offer is cleaning and deodorization. SERVPRO technicians have training in the differing types of smoke damage and the most effective way of tackling them. We group these damages into two broad groups. The first is wet smoke which can be the result of protein fibers or synthetic materials. Wet smoke is typically odorous. The second type is dry smoke from the burning of natural materials and less challenging to remediate.

On arrival at your property, a SERVPRO technician can conduct a full pre-test of the materials burned and the type of smoke residue left behind. Wet smokes usually require powerful chemical agents to remediate effectively alongside spray on deodorizers that can mask an odor until it departs naturally. Dry smoke can be wiped away using sanitizers, and it is unlikely that odor remains after the removal of soot.

By testing for the different types of material, we can create a tailored game plan for getting your home back to its preloss condition. Sometimes, water used in firefighting procedure can cause soots to settle into fabrics like mattresses or curtains. Using foam cleaning SERVPRO can remediate these damages by gently dabbing smoke deposits that may reside beneath the surface.

When we remediate fire losses at the source, it is typical for the odor of charred or burning materials to dissipate naturally. This isn't always the case as sometimes deposits can reside in areas that are challenging to access like a ventilation system. Using thermal foggers, we can thoroughly fumigate your ventilation shafts, HVAC systems as well as any other cavities in the property.

For expert assistance in dealing with soots and their odor, contact SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910.

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SERVPRO Says to Fort Myers Shores Condo Owners-Look for Water Damage

4/22/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO Says to Fort Myers Shores Condo Owners-Look for Water Damage Sneaky Water Leaks Lead to Damage--Call SERVPRO

Signs of Hidden Water Damage in Your Fort Myers Shores Home

Water damage can at times be challenging to notice especially when the water leakage happens quite slowly. The following hidden signs will help you to notice some water damage in your home:

 A rise in your water bill
You may note that your water bill has risen gradually over the months without an obvious cause or even a notice of an increase in water rates. This change should ring in your mind that there might be a problem of water damage in your Fort Myers Shores home.

Paint or wallpaper peeling
If you notice a spot or a section of your house where the wallpaper has peeled and is slowly detaching from the wall, it may be a sign of water damage. The paint may also peel off and appear wet and at times appear like an overhanging layer on the wall. Upon such indications, contact our SERVPRO team so that we handle the water damage for you promptly.

Wall discoloration
When you find the color of your walls or ceiling changing or appearance of some blackish or grayish spots on your wall or ceiling, it might be a sign of water damage near or at that particular point. On the ceiling, a colored ring will be visible. If you give us a call at SERVPRO, our team of professionals will take care of the water damage timely enough before the damage destroys your wall.

 Strange dripping sound
When there is a total silence especially at night, if you hear some strange water dripping sound on the floor or water sinks of your house, it may suggest water leakage.

A strange foul odor
If you notice a strange foul odor within your house especially coming from a corner of a wall or under the couches, it might be a hidden water damage sign. The water might have stagnated for some time hence becoming smelly.
Water damage if noticed late or goes unnoticed for quite a long time can lead to significant damage if not resolved. Be sure to contact us at (305) 278-8484 and our SERVPRO of Ft Myers / Punta Gorda can begin to help with the water cleanup and restoration.

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Our Crew Will Respond Quickly To Your Fire Damaged Home In Fort Myers

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Crew Will Respond Quickly To Your Fire Damaged Home In Fort Myers Timing is vital after a fire, so call us at (941) 575-5910 as soon as the fire is out.

Fire Damage Cleanup In Your Fort Myers Home

Today, homes in Fort Myers are filled with appliances and electronics to make your life easier and give us entertainment. Big screen televisions, DVD players, cable/satellite TV boxes, and video game systems overload your electrical outlets and fill up the entertainment centers in your home. Newer appliances have touch screens, which look neat, but also mean there is additional circuitry in them.

When one of the standard appliances in your Fort Myers home has caused a fire, you are stuck with cleaning up the damage afterward. The daunting task of cleanup should be left to the professionals at SERVPRO. Our staff is equipped and specially trained to handle fire damage of any size, and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

The first appliance that can pose a fire hazard is your dishwasher. If you’ve ever opened up your dishwasher right after its complete a cycle, you’ll feel the heat that shoots out. The heating elements inside the dishwasher to dry your dishes get wet, heat up, and then cool down each time you use the appliance. Faulty or old elements can begin a fire. Do not use your dishwasher if you aren’t going to be home, as it's just not worth the risk.

When you’ve had an appliance fire in your home, SERVPRO techs can help you restore your home quickly. When restoring items that have been damaged by smoke, our primary goal is to restore them to their preloss condition. We apply basic principles of cleaning to accomplish this, starting with finding the smoke residues by carefully inspecting the area affected.

We then need to identify the kind of residues present, as there can be more than one, and the kind of surface affected. Knowing this, we can determine which cleaning methods and products are safe for use to use. We are careful to preserve the material or surface we are cleaning. Some materials are unrestorable if they cannot withstand the process of cleaning.

We lastly need to capture and remove the residues using wet and dry cleaning processes to get the particles off of the affected surfaces and then dispose of them.

Other appliances that can create a fire in your home is your clothes dryer, microwaves, refrigerators, and toasters. It is essential to clean the lint buildup from your dryer often. Even though microwaves can be quite convenient, they also can be dangerous. They can sometimes start on their own and cause a fire, unplug it right away. An electrical short or overheated compressor in your fridge is another danger, and toasters can fail to turn off, making toasters another appliance you should never leave unattended and also clean out regularly.

Remember SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda if you experience an appliance fire in your home in Solana, Cleveland, or Salvista. Timing is vital after a fire, so call us at (941) 575-5910 as soon as the fire is out.

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Our Professionals Will Respond Fast To Your Fort Myers Shores Home Restoration

4/10/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Professionals Will Respond Fast To Your Fort Myers Shores Home Restoration Our trucks are loaded with the necessary water restoration equipment so they can be dispatched on a moment's notice. We are here for you 24/7.

Risks of Standing Water on Vinyl Floors in Fort Myers Shores Homes

Substantial water loss incidents that occur in your Fort Myers Shores home can leave you contending with several effects simultaneously. While you might not know where to begin, addressing the standing water on your floors must take priority. This condition can continually damage exposed materials, weakening and compromising their ability to withstand weight demands and function properly. Certain flooring materials are more susceptible than others, such as vinyl faux wood planks.

Vinyl flooring options are often an affordable option for those renovating their Fort Myers Shores homes, but without fast water removal services during emergencies, this material can become quickly compromised. Our SERVPRO professionals have a 24-hour response to emergencies, offering the full measure of our industry-leading equipment to quickly extract and dry out damaged materials and structural elements within your house.

This flooring material is often a tongue and groove installation, which only leaves small seams between the planks. With standing water, however, moisture and direct water penetration can infiltrate these vulnerabilities to get beneath the flooring quickly. Not only can this saturate the subflooring over a brief period, but it also can provide universal exposure of each affected flooring plank with saturation happening both above and below it.

The SERVPRO technicians dispatched to your home understand the threat of warping and distortion that can begin in as little as 24 hours with saturated vinyl flooring. We can bring in our portable sump pumps and gas-powered trash pumps to promote fast extraction in every affected space. Once the excess gets removed, our technicians can focus on using our air movers, dehumidifiers, and installing the injecti-dry system and drying mats to penetrate beneath the planks and steadily draw out moisture.

While you have several materials likely affected by the substantial water removal incident, protecting your flooring is possible with the right response and equipment. Our SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda rapid response team is available 24/7 to help you make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (941) 575-5910.

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After Your Commercial Property In Fort Myers Experiences A Fire Damage Emergency, Our Crew Is Here To Help!

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial After Your Commercial Property In Fort Myers Experiences A Fire Damage Emergency, Our Crew Is Here To Help! Temporary closures can impact revenues. Contact SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910 now.

Solving Commercial Fire Damage In Fort Myers

It is not uncommon for a busy restaurant to experience a kitchen fire. Firefighters can contain a fire to a small area, but damages can be inflicted on appliances and ventilation. In some situation, billowing smoke can enter the dining area leaving behind soots or smoke residues. Often these residues come from protein fires which involve the burning of animal fats. What is left behind is a thick set residue and a very unpleasant odor that could force temporary closure.

We can provide a crew of professionally qualified restoration experts for commercial fire damage in Fort Myers. Our experience in working with commercial property managers is extensive as well as working closely with insurance adjusters local to the area. In the case of soot and smoke deposits, acting quickly is essential. Firefighting procedures involve water which can cause soot to set into fabrics causing permanent damage.

SERVPRO restoration method involves conducting a thorough pre-test of the affected area to decide which techniques and equipment are going to be most effective. Different types of material burn at different temperatures, meaning that no two fires are the same. Testing soots can help us to clean more efficiently as well as prioritizing certain aspects of the routine. Fabrics, for example, are likely to be treated first due to the greater risk of permanent damage if left to sit.

Smoke travels into clean air rising toward the ceilings of the property. Where there is ventilation or an air duct, thick smokes can enter leaving behind soot and odor. SERVPRO has technicians with multi-disciplinary training including HVAC & Air Duct restoration. We can enter, assess and restore these crucial elements to help get your business get back to work as quickly as possible.

The most successful way of tackling odors is by finding the source. At times, an odor may linger after appliances and surfaces are clean. SERVPRO can bring in industrial grade thermal foggers to deodorize the area thoroughly. Thermal foggers vaporize solvent which acts as a pairing agent, finding and attaching itself to odor particles. These particles are then neutralized.

Temporary closures can impact revenues. Contact SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910 now.

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Don't Let Restoring Your Punta Gorda Business Take Over Your Life

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Don't Let Restoring Your Punta Gorda Business Take Over Your Life Stop water damage in its tracks. SERVPRO can handle any size issue for your business.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup for Your Punta Gorda Restaurant

When you are the owner of a restaurant in Punta Gorda, the last thing you need is any kind of a plumbing failure, especially when your business is full of happy customers. When you least expect it, drains in your kitchen floor begin backing up and overflowing at a rate you can’t control. Is this something you could have avoided? What do you do now?
As a business owner in Punta Gorda, you have plenty to worry about, and sometimes your drains and plumbing can suffer and are forgotten. Drain systems in restaurants see much more wear and tear than residential systems. When you do not maintain them properly, expensive issues and water damage can ensue. When this happens, our professionally trained staff at SERVPRO can help you clean up the mess and get your business running as usual in no time.
Common plumbing problems include silent leaks, backed up grease traps, leaky faucets, clogged toilets, sump pump failure and more. Every one of these issues can get more severe as time wears on. Many don’t realize that you need to be proactive about your commercial plumbing and drains. Water damage can cost you more than a day’s work, and you need to find a plumber you can trust who can perform routine maintenance.
SERVPRO technicians assess the damages when we first arrive at your business. Truck-mounted pumps are used to remove as much of the standing water as possible so we can then work on drying your structure out. Thermal imaging or infrared cameras are used to monitor and inspect the moisture in the building materials which were affected, and moisture meters help us measure the actual levels of moisture in different materials. We work efficiently but quickly so we can help you avoid a lot of interruption or downtime to your business.
When you own a food service business, you should have your plumbing inspected once every quarter to help avoid any costly disasters in the future. After inspecting your system, a plumber can determine if you need additional or fewer inspections each year and provide you with solutions.
SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda understands that any downtime of your business in Salvista, Bayshore, or Charlotte Park is money lost. Once you realize there is an issue, you should call us right away at (941) 575-5910, so we can help you.

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Slow Toilet Leak Equals Major Water Damage In Ft. Myers

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Slow Toilet Leak Equals Major Water Damage In Ft. Myers Even in our tropical savannah climate the most common reason for water damage restoration in Ft. Myers is plumbing fails and appliance malfunctions.

Major Water Damage Due To Leaks

Life is good as you enjoy retirement in your townhouse just off the Gulf shore in South Florida. You prepare yourself for each hurricane and tropical storm season, but you escaped without any significant water damage. Moisture sneaks up on homeowners from mundane sources more often than weather events, but SERVPRO is there for you either way.

Even in our tropical savannah climate the most common reason for water damage restoration in Ft. Myers is plumbing fails and appliance malfunctions. You do not even notice the tiny leak from the seal of your upstairs toilet. Over days and weeks, the subfloor gets wet, drip by drip moisture soaking through the studs beneath and onto your living room ceiling. A slightly off smell and a bubble in the ceiling paint make you nervous, and you call us when you realize water from somewhere warped an area on your living room floor.

The ability to detect the path water takes as it does its damage is a valuable skill instilled in our technicians through training and experience. Expect SERVPRO staff to inspect the water damage, evident and hidden, both for restoration and prevention purposes. Water travels along wiring, pipes, and building structure. It is not unusual to find saturated wallboard or ceilings many feet away from the toilet seal if the drips migrated.

Our staff is not fooled, and finds the issue and arranges for a repair of the plumbing while moving on to locate all water damaged areas between the second and first floors, including the damaged hardwood patch in the living room. Hardwood is resilient, and we work hard to dry out the top planks and the subfloor rather than a tear out and replacement. Floor drying mats show good results, as do air movers and dehumidifiers. The wooden structures under the bathroom dry out, but a portion of the ceiling needs trimming and a patch made because the material crumbled and smelled moldy. The hardwood floor may take a few weeks to dry enough for refinishing when we return, but the new ceiling is complete quickly after the fans and dehumidifiers finish their tasks. SERVPRO staff look forward to leaving your townhouse “Like it never even happened.” and you agree with the assessment after the final touches to the floor.

Not just for storm damage, SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda is your go-to answer for water issues caused by broken plumbing. Call (941) 575-5910 for a consultation and to recover your beautiful retirement home.

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Contact A Mold Remediation And Restoration Company If You Find Mold In Your Fort Myers Home

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Contact A Mold Remediation And Restoration Company If You Find Mold In Your Fort Myers Home Mold spores only become a threat when they have the right combination of moisture, temperature, and a food source.

Mold Damage

Mold is not quite as common as the Florida sunshine, but it does happen to many residents. There is a common myth that mold starts due to poor housekeeping or it only happens to hoarders. It is untrue because mold is everywhere.

Mold spores only become a threat when they have the right combination of moisture, temperature, and a food source. To stop the threat; an experienced restoration company knows that we need to break one side of that triangle of resources. The easiest method is to remove the source of moisture. SERVPRO knows that the sooner we get started, the faster we can stop the mold damage and prevent further growth in a Fort Myers home.

To get quickly started, we have developed a list of questions for the homeowner that help us determine where the mold source might be along with other, useful information:

First – Is there visible mold in your home? Where is it?
Second – Is there a strong, musty odor? 
Third – Have you had any problems with mold previously? 
Fourth – Is there current water damage or have you had water damage in the past? When did any previous damage happen? 
Once we have this information, our inspectors can quickly find the source of the mold infestation, areas of excess moisture and how to stop both.

Technicians begin by removing any standing water. For puddles and other small areas, we use water extractor wands to get into crawlspaces and small areas. For areas we cannot physically get into, we place a chemical desiccant to draw moisture from the surrounding air or set up a dehumidifier to draw larger amounts of moisture. Some of these machines can draw out over 20 gallons of water per day.

Once the air is dry enough, the mold spores return to a dormant state. If the spores are only on a surface, we attempt to vacuum them up or use dry wiping to remove them. Vacuuming and dry wiping get the spores out of the home without adding moisture to the environment.

If the spores had time to grow into building material such as drywall, we prefer to remove the entire panel and dispose of it. Attempting to dig out the mold to prevent replacing panels is rarely ever cost-effective. It is a labor-intensive process that adds up quickly on a final bill.

Stopping and removing mold is not a quick process, but the right company can make it almost painless. SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda is here to you live in a safe, clean environment; home. Call today at (941) 575-5910 to schedule an inspection.

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