Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage to Carpeting in Ft. Myers

Plumbing failures often lead to soaked carpets at best, and non-salvageable harm to baseboards, walls, furnishings, and stored items. To mitigate water damage, ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Ft. Myers Office

Water damage in your Ft. Myers office facility can shut down the business and cause further damage. The carpeting could become thoroughly soaked in numerous off... READ MORE

Cleveland Water Leak Damages a Ceiling

The steady dripping of water from a supply line eventually caused this ceiling drywall to sag and expose the on-going water damage. SERVPRO technicians can safe... READ MORE

Water Damage to a Punta Gorda Condominium

The kitchen water line burst and the clean water ran out onto the carpeting of the meeting room in this Punta Gorda condo. Our SERVPRO applied structural drying... READ MORE

Water Damage – Punta Gorda Professional Building

Water damage to this Punta Gorda office building occurred when a water supply line to a bathroom on this floor burst over the weekend. With two days to flow int... READ MORE

Flood Damage – North Fort Myers Home

Flood damage at this North Ft. Myers home began when a water supply line behind the wall burst. The before photo Shows standing water that covered flooring thro... READ MORE